Party Animal Vodka

The idea to create this fun loving, unique brand came to mind when the owner Kate was in college. She really wanted to drink a brand of Vodka that had a story behind it that I could not only relate to, but also stood for a just cause (not just your average boring Vodka brand). Kate wanted a brand that related to me no matter if I was planning on going out that night, staying in and having friends over, bringing a host/hostess gift that we could share a laugh over, or out at the bar taking shooters with.

Kate then began a quest to create a Vodka that contained three simple factors; Quality, Philanthropy, and a brand that relates to a party lifestyle. She found herself in a small town in Idaho and fell in love with potato vodka. From there the rest was history. Party Animal Vodka became a reality in 2017 with help from family and friends.

Party Animal Vodka owners

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